The hair has a heart of its own. Really! The hair is not just what you see with the naked eye. If you could zoom in a thousand times closer, you would be amazed at its structural composition. And this is what our formulas aim to treat: the heart of the hair.


If a protein is a puzzle, an amino acid is a piece in the puzzle.

Amino acids join together to form proteins. There are 20 amino acids, of which our body can syntetise only 11. The other 9, referred to as “essential amino acids”, must be introduced into our bodies in the form of food.

Amino Concentrée: what does it do? And where?

Amino acids act as “hinges” wherever there is something broken needing to be fixed. They are the ideal binder for every fragile fibre. Amino Concentrée is the product of study of the amino acids making up keratin, the protein that makes up the hair fibre. It is a complex of three pure amino acids, Serine, Treonine and Carbocysteine, which reach the innermost layer of the hair fibre. Their feature of being electrically charged allows these amino acids to selectively anchor to points where keratin is broken and repair it.

Double treatment action: direct and indirect.

The first action of Amino Concentrée is to repair the structure of the fibre. The second action is to trap the active ingredients conveyed by various specific treatments into the recomposed structure so that their effect will last longer. The three amino acids bind to keratin and condition it (closing over the scales), restructure it (filling and closing over the porosity of the hair) and reconstruct it (recomposing the correct rolling up of cortex fibres).