For stylists who choose us, we’ve chosen the best tools for working and communicating. Some of them are products we’ve chosen among the styling professionals’ favourite brands, while others we have created ourselves. All of them are for stylists who want to join our team.

Banner 100x150 cm

poster-fialette-appeso Banner in tela riavvolgibile con astine per supporto 1x2 m

Rotobanner 100x200 cm

Self-supporting and retractable rotobanner in pvc material

Double-side forex 60x140 cm

Made with rigid plastic material (forex)

Double-side poster 70x100 cm

Double-sided: double communication within the hair salon

Medavita Shopper Bags

borsa Paper shopping bag with rope handles Size: (w) 25 x (h) 25 x (d) 12 cm

Medavita Magazine UK

rivista-FW2017-2018 Two seasonal coming out: SS2017 and FW2017-18 Only available in digital version

Woman and Man short sleeve T-shirt

maglietta-nera Maglia in cotone da uomo e donna, a manica corta, bianca o nera, nelle taglie S-M-L-XL.

Counter display

foto A discrete presence in the salon. Features minimalist design, with a space for product presentation and upper plate for floreal arrangement Size: (w) 38 x (h) 40 x (d) 24 cm

Medavita technical trolley

carrello Beechwood structure, varnished drawers, upper steel plate and hair proof wheel system. Size: (w) 40 x (h) 91 x (d) 38,5 cm

Floor display

scaffale Minimal design, made in wood, with lower front drawer and upper space for floreal arrangement. An essential, authentic way of presenting Medavita products to your salon’s clients. Size: (w) 75,5 x (h) 185 x (d) 28 cm

Medavita color backbar

Medavita-Color-Backbar Wall backbar for Medavita Luxviva and Choice hair colors. It contains untill 36 pcs. Upper space for floreal arrangement and technical products. Size: (w) 40 x (h) 25 x (d) 23 cm


“For you a free analysis of your hair and special promotions proposed by Medavita for the day”

Diagnosis card

Trichological diagnosis data sheet 1=25 pcs.

Wireless HD Microscope

With Medavita Trichology App for Android tablet and Ipad

Booking Card

Cardboard sheet to keep track of hair analysis bookings.


Diagnostic Day nuova
Poster to promote the diagnostic day service in the salon. Size (w) 35 x (h) 50 cm

Spatula Medavita by Tek

Practicality is at hand: a light, ergonomic natural wooden spatula

Dosing Pump

500ml / 750ml version /1000ml / 1250ml version

Medavita by Tek Carbonium handle comb medium tooth 

Professional static-free carbon alloy combs. Lightweight, polished, without any flaws that could damage the hair. Strictly Made in Italy.

Treatment brush Medavita

Compact, tense bristles for precision handling. Wooden body decorated with black lacquer. It’s more than a brush: it’s a jewel!

Treatment Bowl Medavita

bowl-trattamenti-medavita Beech wood bowl.
A handmade item cut out of a single block of wood

Black cotton towel

A soft cotton terry cloth towel, in black so colour stains won’t show. Size: 50x90cm. Weight: 350 g/sqm.

Light’s Glove

3-finger light glove and palette designed for artistic free-hand colouring services Palette size: (w) 27,5 x (h) 20 cm

Colouring brush

Practical and lightweight, for precision application.

Colouring bowl

Lightweight and easy to hold, made of black plastic.

Electronic scale

Digital precision and minimal design. An ultra-compact scale designed to be of ideal size.

Il Colore Luxviva colour chart

Medavita chromatic colour chart 102 Il Colore Luxviva shades + 8 Flash Tone Luxviva shades Size: (w) 33,5 x (h) 38 H x (d) 7,5 cm

Medavita technical apron

Very quick to put on; provides high performance protection

Medavita technical trolley

Beechwood structure, varnished drawers, upper steel plate and hair proof wheel system. Size: (w) 40 x (h) 91 x (d) 38,5 cm

Cartella colore Choice

Cartelle colore Choice Cartella cromatica 44 shades Choice Color + 30 shades Choice Color non Color + 9 shades Color Mask

Medavita Colour Whisk

Frusta-colour-whisk The ideal tool to obtain a perfect creamy colour blend in the specific Medavita coloring bowl

Nitrile Technical gloves 1=100

Guanti-Nitrile Available in 3 sizes: S - M - L 100% nitrile, in black color, certified protection for professional use of technical salon’s products.
Package 1=100 pcs

Cocoon by Elchim two-in-one Diffuser

This two-in-one professional diffuser creates and sets fantastic hair volume. The first module sets the hairstyle without breaking the hair, the second allows for rapid, natural drying for curly hair For both models 3900 and 8th Sense

Medavita by Elchim 8Th Sense Hairdryer

8th Sense. The dryer for all types of hair from the thickest to the most delicate. Black & Sunset Copper version

Medavita by Elchim 3900 Hairdryer

Quiet, light weight and perfectly balanced, its air flow hydrates and makes hair glossy, eliminating static electricity thanks to the ionic ceramic system. Black & Silver version

Cutting scissors 5.5 Medavita by Pinin

Cutting scissors 5.5 Medavita by Pinin: Cutting scissors 5.5, 6.0 and Thinning scissors.

Cutting Cape

It’s more than a cape: it’s high fashion! Semi-transparent black fabrics, black ribbon and shiny metal studs around the neck. Makes every client feel like the star of the salon!

Cutting scissor 5.5 Jewel Medavita by Pinin

Forbici-taglio-jewel Ergonomic handle, enriched with a precious green Jewel in the central body. Size 5.5