It is the power of an idea that drives men to go beyond the barriers of the known and set off on voyages. Lotion Concentrée is not just a remedy for fighting hair loss.


A concentrate of nature

Lotion Concentrée is a multifunctional active complex containing a rich pool of substances of vegetable origin. The exceptional concentration of plant extracts (arnica, rosemary, aloe, calamus, myrrh, cinnamon, ginger, galbanum, nutmeg, camphor) offers a reserve of anti-age ingredients, an elixir providing a source of vitality and energy for the scalp and the hair.

It’s been around for centuries, but we are the
first to use it this way.

People have been aware of the effectiveness of medicinal plants since the dawn of time. The first testimony may be found in ancient treatises on oriental medicine, appearing again in the Middle European herbalist tradition. Natural extracts are still used today, combined in a variety of ways in phytotherapy. The same active ingredients are the keys for our Lotion Concentrée.