Straight hair: a radical choice that becomes sublime when it achieves perfection. The filmogenous, anti-frizz, structuring properties of the active ingredients it contains allow Lissublime to facilitate hold in straight hair styles, while strengthening and intensely moisturising the hair, leaving it soft, radiant and easy to comb. For a lasting anti-frizz straightening* action.

* Straightening – Coadjuvant in enhancement of the hair’s straightness
Shampoo superlisciante
pH 5.5
Smoothing shampoo
Gently cleanses while straightening the hair fibre with an extreme, long-lasting anti-frizz effect. High contribution of moisturising, filmgenerating substances such as Maize starch and the Amino Concentrée complex forms a barrier on the hair shaft that protects against both dryness and damp, leaving the hair sublime, glossy and silky.

250/1000 ml bottle
Maschera superlisciante
pH 3.5
Smoothing hair mask
Maize starch, Jojoba oil. and the Amino Concentrée complex relax the hair fibre, helping it retain moisture, and surround the lengths of the hair with a filmgenerating barrier to protect against both dryness and damp. The hair is extremely shiny, straight and easy to style.

250/500 ml jar
Liss boost ultra-lisciante
Hair smoothing enhancer
Straightness enhancer which boosts the action of the smoothing mask Maschera

10 ml phial x 12 pcs
Fluido lisciante protezione termica pH 5.5
Thermo protection smoothing hair fluid
Ideal for wavy, curly or frizzy hair when a straight, soft, silky look is desired, with medium hold. Makes hair easy to comb and eliminates static electricity.

200 ml bottle
Mais (Zea mays)
Maize (Zea mays)
Protective, structuring, antistatic, Maize is an herbaceous annual originating in Central America. The starch obtained from it, a white powder, is used in cosmetics to make emollient and whitening creams and masks.
Amino Concentrée
Amino Concentrée
Complex of essential amino acids with low molecular weight and high penetration ability, which plays an immediate treatment action of selective reconstruction of the hair fibre.