Curling hair mask pH 3.5

Elasticising - Nourishing - Detangling - Adds radiance - Anti-frizz - Film-generating - Conditioning


Covers the hair with a film to protect against mechanical and atmospheric aggression. For voluptuous full, shiny curls and waves disciplined by flexible, bouncy style. The antioxidant and revitalizing properties of Red grape extract have a moisturizing, elasticizing action, compacting scales. The presence of Jojoba oil with a great affinity to the hair fibre and outstanding nourishing, moisturizing and emollient properties regenerates, strengthens and intensely moisturizes, giving hair new shine, softness, combability and definition. Enriched with Amino Concentrée complex, for a longlasting Elasticity effect.


Curly hair treatment.


Super-conditioning elasticizing mask specifically for curly and wavy hair, with a rich, velvety texture.


Curly hair with a tendency to frizziness.