Colour protection hair mask pH 3.5

Anti-free radical - Anti-oxidant - Protective - Hydrating - Emollient - Detangling - Conditioning - Restores pH - Water-soluble and easy to rinse


Nourishes, conditions, protects and maintains the vividness, shine, depth and intensity of freshly dyed hair. Contains Sunflower seed extract with anti-free radical, anti-oxidant and protective properties. Colour appears vivid, shiny and vibrant; the hair is left moisturized, shiny and extremely soft. The presence of Jojoba oil with a great affinity to the hair fibre and outstanding nourishing, moisturizing and emollient properties regenerates, strengthens and intensely moisturizes hair. Enriched with Amino Concentrée complex, for a long-lasting Shine effect.


Colour protection treatment.


Photo-protective mask.


Coloured hair.