Protective pre-colour hair treatment pH 6.5

Soothing - Conditioning - Hydrating - Protective - Emollient


Guarantees fidelity of the selected shade, as it contains no pigments, for optimal colouring results. At the same time its exclusive formula has a soothing action on the scalp and a conditioning effect on the hair fibre, leaving the scalp soft and moisturized and the hair healthy and strong. Contains Sunflower seed extract with anti-free radical, anti-oxidant and protective properties. Colour appears vivid, shiny and vibrant; the hair is moisturized, shiny and extremely soft. Special formula protects the scalp and the hair during colouring and bleaching treatments. The active ingredients in Camomile have a soothing action and prevent reddening of the skin, while hydrolyzed Milk proteins contribute essential components of great protective value to the scalp and hair. Provitamin B5 has a moisturizing and emollient function. Enriched with Amino Concentrée complex, for a long-lasting Shine effect.


Colour protection treatment.


Protective milk for scalps sensitive to colouring/bleaching, to be used directly in the colour/bleach mix.


Sensitive scalp or on particularly fragile and sensitive hair.