Nutritive repairing hair microemulsion pH 3.5

Hydrating - Nourishing - Strengthening - Protective - Conditioning - Repairing


Special timed release microdispersion system reconciles it with the structural composition of the hair fibre and can free precious active ingredients selectively, exactly where the hair needs nourishment, boosting its defences. Instantly restores a healthy, shiny appearance to the hair, eliminating visible and invisible signs of chemical and mechanical stress. Contains Shea butter, a true beauty nutrient for the hair fibre with hydrating, nourishing, emollient, antioxidant and anti-ageing powers. Enriches the hair with Collagen, restoring lost elasticity and performing a highly repairing function. The hair lengths are left shiny, supple and extremely soft. Enriched with Amino Concentrée complex, for a long-lasting Nourishment effect.


Nourishing treatment.


Nourishing and repairing spray micro-emulsion for the hair fibre.


Dry hair and hair made sensitive by chemical treatments.