Instant Repair Hair Perfector pH 5

Restructuring - Cuticle sealant - Conditioning - Filling - Anti-breaking - Prevents split ends - Nutritive - Illuminating


Leave-in perfector that instantly restructures the hair fibre. Instant hair fibre perfector which seals the cuticles, making hair soft and silky. It prevents breakage and split ends. For nourished, instantly shiny hair. Contains Lifesaver liposome (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, hydrolysed Spelt proteins, Creatine), Sesame oil, Cashmere proteins.


After applying PRODIGE Ultimate deep recovering mask, rinse hair thoroughly and towel dry. Separate the hair into large sections and spray the product onto each section, holding at a distance of 5 cm. Spray over the
entire length of the hair. Do not rinse out