We’re almost there. Just a few days to go until the end of the year. After thinking about which gala dinner to go to, to celebrate the New Year, which dress to wear and how to style your hair in the trendiest way possible, we’re once again ready for a “new year, new life”.

We’ll think about the year gone by. We’ll make the usual assessment of what went well and what went badly and we’ll sigh languidly, “well, look at that”, for the good intentions that we had but, unfortunately, never put into practice. All will be coloured by an uncertain feeling of sadness and self-commiseration, a shrug of the shoulders, new enthusiasm and an energetic conviction that the year to come will be completely different.

Many resolutions fail because they are exactly that – resolutions and not goals – because most of the time we don’t have enough motivation and sacrifice to achieve the change that we dreamt about on the first day of the year.
The problem, therefore, is not so much dreaming about something, giving free rein to our imagination, but being sure of what we want and adopting all the measures needed to attain it.

What do women dream about? Some want success, money, a better future for themselves and their children. Whether they are big or small dreams is not relevant, it’s the importance that we give to them that matters.
Almost all of us dream about beauty, being in shape, with a young, smooth face crowned by a beautiful head of hair. Feeling at ease with oneself is a magical sensation and vanity is legitimate. It spurs on our social life, gives us extra impetus, encourages us to socialise with others and reveal the best of ourselves. Taking care of oneself is a noble act on behalf of ourselves.

We have always encouraged women to be and to feel beautiful, but with a real beauty that doesn’t hide defects, doesn’t highlight only the best points and isn’t an obsession. The kind of beauty that makes us feel unique.

Each beginning has something magical about it. Capture that magic and transform it into the wonder of a new birth – for yourself.

This is our wish for you in 2019.