Forever Blonde

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The Wonderplex system may be added to bleaching products to protect and repair the hair. Any kind of bleaching can be performed and repeated in perfect tranquillity using Wonderplex, because the hair is protected, results are exceptional, and all future deterioration is prevented.

Products Wonderplex.
Forever Blonde

  • Wonderplex phase 1

    Wonderplex phase 1

    Strengthening anti-breakage fluid. Fortifying anti-breakage fluid, reinforces the structure of the hair fibre, protects disulphide bonds, to be added directly to the colouring/bleaching mix.
  • Wonderplex phase 2

    Wonderplex phase 2

    Bond balancer. The presence of Glycerin, Panthenol and Aloe vera moisturises the hair fibre, preventing the process of drying out caused by technical treatments.