Hygienic scalp emulsion pH 3.5

Sanitising - Antioxidant - Anti-odour - Sebum balancing - Smoothing - Stimulant - Emollient - Anti-itching - Purifying - Soothing - Hydrating - Eudermic - Refreshing


Its gentle exfoliating action removes deposits of flaking cells and dissolves sebaceous caps, preparing the scalp and facilitating subsequent diffusion and penetration of the active ingredients contained in further treatments. Exclusive Japanese star anise extract maintains the cleanliness and freshness obtained during washing and helps to restore the scalp hydrolipidic film, compacting it and preserving it during shampooing. Gives a pleasant sensation of freshness during rinsing.


Detoxifying treatment.


Emulsion for normalisation of bacterial flora, essential for maintaining the scalp’s proper balance.


All scalp types, except sensitised ones. Especially recommended in case of dandruff, sebum excess and hair loss.