Scalp&Skin Exfoliating Clay-scrub

Exfoliating - Purifying - Smoothing - Stimulating - Elasticizing - Rebalances skin - Moisturizing


Helps restore the skin’s optimal metabolism. The formula, with outstanding smoothing properties, promotes detachment of keratin scale, restores microbial flora and absorbs excess sebum without drying out or stretching the skin.
Furthermore, improves the skin’s elasticity and capillary circulation, smoothing over the skin of the face and evening out the complexion from the very first application.


Exfoliating treatment.


Gentle purifying and exfoliating scrub mask for the skin of the scalp and face.


All types of skin, especially in the presence of dandruff, seborrhea and hair loss on the scalp, excess sebum and presence of blackheads on the face.