Sebum-balancing shampoo pH 5.5

Extremely gentle - Direct sebum balancing action - Orthodermic - Normalising - Purifying


Abietic acid and Soy proteins act in synergy, developing a dermopurifying, dermoprotective and hydrating action, and removing very gently excess sebum. It gives a sensation of purity, decreases the discomfort due to external irritations and keeps for longer the scalp purified and hair clean. The extract of Ginger, with a strong ability to fight free radicals, prevents weakening of the hair, promoting balanced cleansing, no matter how frequent. The hair is full-bodied, with tone and volume. Enriched with Lotion Concentrée Naturalis Essentiae active ingredients pool.


Anti-sebum treatment.


Sebum-balancing shampoo with a special balanced formula designed to meet the specific requirements of frequent washing of scalp with excess sebum.


Especially recommended for all types of seborrheic scalp.